Posted by: ashleenelson | December 2, 2010

Insulin Pump – How does it help?

We often see and hear about these Insulin Pumps, but let’s see how they really help.

Insulin Pumps are really great because they replace the need for periodic injections of insulin by delivering insulin continuously through a catheter. This makes diabetes management so much easier. Along with being much more convenient, it also delivers the insulin a lot more accurately than an injection.

However, it is quite the investment. There are varying prices, but most pumps are around $6,000. Most diabetes find it is worth it though. It improves quality of life a lot and they last for a long time! The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

Posted by: ashleenelson | December 2, 2010

Insulin, Insulin, Insulin!

When you have diabetes… insulin is an issue! You want life to be as normal as possible, so you want to be able to take care of your insulin needs as easily and conveniently as possible! Good thing there are people working very hard to develop new ways to make this better!

Something cool I found was that researchers are working on an implantable insulin pump. This would be of great use to those with Type I diabetes. It would be able to measure blood sugar levels and deliver the exact amount of insulin needed, basically doing what your body would do if it was working correctly. It is still years away from being in use, but when it happens, it will be great i’m sure!

Posted by: ashleenelson | December 2, 2010

Rough on the Wallet!

It just doesn’t seem fair does it? First you have this disease that affects your everyday health, then it is EXPENSIVE on top of that! People who have diabetes typically spend 2.3 times more on medical bills than those without. Something else that is kind of interesting is that $1 in $10 health care dollars is attributed to diabetes.

In 2007, the total cost of diagnosed diabetes was $174 billion dollars. I repeat, $174 BILLION dollars! That is a lot. And that is  not counting those that were undiagnosed, pre-diabetic, or those with gestational diabetes.

Wow, who knew diabetes was so expensive!

Posted by: ashleenelson | December 2, 2010

Diabetes Capital of the World… INDIA!

So we always hear about how American’s are so unhealthy with our fast food and all, which causes diseases like diabetes. Little did we know, we are actually not the worst when it comes to diabetes, India is! Right now in India there are 40 million people with diabetes and it is estimated that by 2025 there will be 70 million!

Those are some very scary numbers. Something else a little frightening is the fact that in India the age of onset of type II diabetes is also getting lower and lower which leads to other problems as well. Luckily, there is action being taken to try and make things better. There are different foundations and organizations that are trying to educate people and provide help to them. Maybe if the people of India are able to learn more about it these numbers will start to come down!

Posted by: ashleenelson | December 2, 2010

Does Diabetes Impact Life Expectancy?

With all of the knowledge and technology we have today, if you are diabetic, if you take the right measures you are able to live a pretty comfortable life…. but does it effect your life expectancy? The answer that is yes, it does.

Sadly, it has been found that diabetic men and women 50 years or older tend to live 7.5 and 8.2 years shorter than a non-diabetic man or woman. One big thing this can be attributed to is the fact that having diabetes really increases your risk of developing Cardiovascular disease. So even though we know ways to stay as healthy as possible, diabetes is still a life threatening disease and is very serious.

Posted by: ashleenelson | December 2, 2010

Is it Getting Worse!?

I recently came across this article and it was SHOCKING to me! I feel like there are so many people that are affected by diabetes, that most people at least know someone with it. Usually if you do, you know how much of an impact it can have on a life and would want to stop it! Even with all of the information we have about it, the number of adults getting diabetes is going up drastically!

In this article, it said that adult diabetes is expected to QUADRUPLE in the next thirty years! It said that if the rate of increase stays steady with how it is right now, pretty soon one in four adults will have diabetes. This study was done in Texas which has been hit very hard by diabetes, this is because of their quickly growing adult population. This is a lot of people and I found it really interesting to see the direction we are currently heading!–111115879.html

Posted by: ashleenelson | November 11, 2010

Fun/Easy Way to Help?

Do you have a loved one with diabetes? I bet if you do, you have had the desire to help them in any way possible!

Little did you know… there are fun and easy ways to help right here in good ole Provo, UT. It is a Walk to Cure Diabetes put on by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. If you participate, you go and enjoy a whole day of fun, and make a donation for diabetes research!

They do this every year, and it’s a great way for anyone to help!! Not only do you have the opportunity to donate money to diabetes research, but you can also show your support. Sometimes, if it is known that enough people care, it can make a big difference!!

Posted by: ashleenelson | November 10, 2010

Five Myths about Diabetes!

Myth #1: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

Fact: It totally doesn’t! Type 1 is caused by genetics and unknown factors while type II is caused by genetics and lifestyle factors. Sugar can be a contributing factor with type II but it definitely is not a cause.

Myth #2: People with diabetes are more likely to get colds or other illnesses.

Fact: Totally false! Diabetes can make illnesses more difficult to control, but it does not cause them to get sick.

Myth #3: When you start taking pills or insulin, you can eat whatever you want!

Fact: The pills/insulin are a lot more effective if they don’t have to work as hard to lower your blood sugar.

Myth #4: People with diabetes can’t eat sweets or chocolate!

Fact: If eaten as part of a healthy meal plan and with exercise, they surely can eat yummy desserts!

Myth #5: Diabetes is not that serious of a disease.

Fact: Diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined, so it is serious and should be taken seriously.

Not everything we hear about Diabetes is legit, so with my blog I am going to try to provide information that is informative and helpful!!